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The Information Communication and Technology department provides services that support the mission of IUPS. The vision of IUPS entails two key aspects -- Enterprise and Innovation. All our operations are therefore focused on making IUPS an Innovative place even as we embrace the spirit of enterprise. We have adopted various initiatives that are geared in making Inoorero an ICT technology driven institution.

We have:

  • Incorporated Microsoft Dynamics ( ERP) in all our Operations
  • Implemented a fully functional online campus for both distance & on-campus students
  • Implemented IUPSMAIL Service for enhanced features to encourage innovation and collaboration
  • 380 networked Computers for both students and faculty
  • A secure wireless network that currently supports over 400 users
  • Rolled out a digital course delivery in our lecture halls/rooms (We have digitized all our IUPS courses)

Manager, ICTS

Contact ICTS:

IUPS have a secure wireless network for both staff and students. To utilize the service kindly note:

  • You should have a laptop with a wireless LAN card
  • Avail your laptop to the ICTS Department for the security code
  • The laptop shall be asigned a Dynamic IP address automatically
  • It is illegal for any wireless user to configure their laptop with a Static IP address
  • Make sure you have IUPS Email Address and its active
  • Please make sure you've filled the registration form with your student details
  • Note Please Laptops are not allowed inside the labs

IUPSMAIL is the email service provided by IUPS and powered by Google.

FAQs can be accessed by pointing your browser at IUPSMAIL FAQs

IUPSMAIL features several Web Applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites including:

  • Gmail
  • Google Groups
  • Google calendar
  • GTalk
  • Documents
  • Sites, among others

IUPSMAIL offers over 7GB of email storage plus many other benefits.

Please visit our online help center for information and step by step instructions on how to use the available services on IUPSMAIL

ICTS provides various facilities to help in the academics:

  • Teaching laptops for lecturers
  • Teaching Projectors
  • Eight Computer laboratories with 24/7 internet connection
  • 18 MB/s Fiber bandwidth (The Connection is unlimited during off peak time - Past 6:00PM daily)

IUPS support team is composed of competent and professional staff. You can request any form of support through support@iu.ac.ke, our telephone extensions - 131,115 & 138 or by visiting the computer workshop (2nd floor of Inoorero center).

One can request the following services;

  • Wireless network access
  • Computer Lab Use (You must avail your students ID)
  • Free consultation on your hardware/software gadgets.
  • Free Microsoft office software for students and faculty use (Any other usage of availed softwares, apart from school work will be treated as piracy and shall be punished as such)

All continuing IUPS students can now securely register their courses online. Student registration is done beginning of every semester: January, May and September.

How to Login

Students require a username (IUPS Student Number e.g. KSPS/10/0222) and a password (your ID N0,Your guardian's ID Number or Passport No -- the one that you gave during enrollment/Previous registration).

The following activities can be done once logged in

  • Units Registration.
  • Exams Results